Free fax for military

Fax to email for Military, Airforce, Navy

Free Fax To Email

Free fax to email for military use

Warning: Please note that free fax to email is sent as an email, and emails are not encrypted unless you have encryption enabled on your server to your computer.

The server can also malfunction and delivery can be delayed.

As a rule of thumb for military use: If your job allows standard emails, then fax to email will work for you

Free fax to email may be used in the following military environments where encyption is not required:

  • Navy
  • Air force
  • Military
  • Police
  • Army
  • Metro Police

Areas where Fax to Email is not recommended in the military:

  • Areas of national or international security
  • Encryption requirements
  • 100% Guaranteed delivery of faxes

Military alphabet Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo

A Alfa AL fah
B Bravo BRAH voh
C Charlie CHAR lee
D Delta DEL tah
E Echo EKK oh
F Foxtrot FOKS trot
G Golf Golf
H Hotel HO tell
I India IN dee ah
J Juliett JEW lee ett
K Kilo KEY loh
L Lima LEE mah
M Mike Mike
N November NOH vem ber
O Oscar OSS car
P Papa PAH pah
Q Quebec keh BECK
R Romeo ROW me oh
S Sierra see AIR ah
T Tango TANG go
U Uniform YOU nee form
V Victor VIK ter
W Whiskey WISS key
X X-ray EKS ray
Y Yankee YANG kee



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