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Free fax to email / Free Fax2Email

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Free fax to email  – Free Fax2email South Africa

Free Fax To Email

Please sign up for your free fax number here

  •  Sign up for a free fax number and hand it out
  • The sender faxes his/her document to your free 086 fax to email number
  • The Fax2Email service converts the fax into a PDF document and emails it to you
  • You receive the fax in your email as an attachment
  • You may now save, print or forward the fax, like any other email
  • For each fax that you receive, you also receive points to spend online
Free Fax 2 Email
Free Fax 2 Email

Create a free fax number by completing the form here.

  • Get a free 086 fax to email number
  • The service is free for the recipient
  • Works with all email accounts including:
  • Receive faxes as attachments in your email
  • Your fax number moves with you
  • Receive your South African faxes anywhere in the world*
  • Eco-friendly – No paper is required to receive faxes*
  • Our Free Fax2email service saves you time and money*
  • No more missing paper faxes
  • We are South Africa’s fastest growing fax2email agent!*

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