World wide free fax to email

Receiving faxes in your email allows you to receive faxes anywhere, at any time, from any email client

Free Fax To Email

Receiving faxes anywhere in the world is as easy as accessing your email

How do I fax South Africa from another country?

You may use any email client to receive your faxes, and you can receive your faxes from facebook, yahoo, gmail or hotmail, you can receive your emails anywhere in the world.

Rushing between departments, checking on the receptionist, asking a colleague to “keep an eye out for a fax” is now a thing of the past.

Receiving faxes in your email box is not only faster, it is safer and less troublesome for your entire business.

Forward the fax by email and don’t send a hard copy

Sending multiple prints of a fax to your business colleagues or to your boss is now a thing of the past. Simply click the forward button in your email.

Private faxes

Now your doctor can fax you that medical document, and the bank can fax you the urgent personal document, without announcing it the entire office about it.

Convenience has never been easier.

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