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Send faxes by email – send fax from PC

Send faxes by email

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Sending faxes is a pre-paid pay-as-you-use service and costs less than Telkom rates / minute. You only pay for the faxes that you send, when you are ready to send them.

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Send Fax from PC

ideaYou can send a fax from any country, to any country in the world.
The faxes are sent from South Africa and is charged in South African Rand (ZAR).

Receiving faxes remains free

  • Receive a free 086 fax number
  • Receive faxes for free

Great value fax

Great value for money with real savings

  • This service offers great value for money.
  • There are no other hidden charges, you pay for the faxes that you send by email.
  • You receive the fax reports by email.
  • There is no need to buy and maintain a fax machines.
  • There is no paper ink or paper.
  • You pay less than a Telkom call!

Using the fax by email service is easy

  • You send faxes by attaching  PDF or Microsoft® Office Word documents to an email.
  • You can send the document to any fax machine in the world, even to other 086 fax numbers.
  • The service works with iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux and Android devices, including Apple Mac, Windows PCs, Linux computers, Smart phones,  Tablets computers.

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*Charges do apply and differs for various service numbers. Using this fax service may be cheaper than using Telkom landlines. Faxes sent to machines connected to a Telkom land line may be charged at a lower rate than Telkom’s own rates. Faxes are charged per minute of transmission, not per fax. Faxes sent to International numbers and FreeFaxToEmail numbers are charged at the rates displayed on latest rate sheet. Rates and charges are subject to change without prior notice.

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