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If you would like to report a fault

HelpTip: Please read the Help section to see if it can resolve the problem.

If our help section did not resolve your problem and you  would like to report a fault, please include the following information with your email:

  • Your full name
  • Your fax number
  • A detailed report of the fault that you are experiencing (for example: the fax number does not ring, the fax is cutting off before completing the send – please include a scan of the fax machine fault report to assist us in finding the fault)
  • Our email address:
    Email address: view images

If you would like to receive a new fax number

  • Please complete the online form – you will receive a fax number right away.
  • If you are not able to complete the form, please email us with your full name, cell phone number and email address so that we can issue you with a number.
  • Our email address is:
    Email address: view images

To send faxes from your email


8 thoughts on “Contact us – Contact Free Fax to Email

    1. Please email your service provider with a request to change the email address. Please include your fax number, your old email address and the new email address.

  1. People are using these fax numbers to scam others by advertising fake jobs and getting desperate job seekers to fax CVs and other documents to them. How does one go about reporting these people?

    1. We are aware of criminals using email, SMS, Voice calls to entice unsuspecting job seekers. The scam is usually the same, they request payment upfront but deliver nothing. Unfortunately there is not much anyone can do as the criminals will change numbers and emails. Fax numbers might be used by scammers as the second point of contact. These calls, email addresses and SMS’s should be reported to SAPS. Unfortunately SAPS are not very good with these types of crimes. SAPS refuse to help UNLESS a crime has already been committed – Which is ridiculous!

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