No dial tone from fax machine

no dial tone from fax machine

No dial tone at all from fax machine

  • If you have no dial tone at all, please try to make a normal call to any other number to make sure that your line is working.
  • If you cannot make a normal call, check that your phone line is connected to the phone and to the fax machine and that both are switched on.
  • If everything checks ok, but you still cannot make a call,  please contact the service provider (Telkom, Neotel, Vodacom, MTN, Cell-C, Virgin Mobile) to report a fault with your line.

No dial tone from fax machine but the telephone does have dial tone

  • If your phone has dial tone, but your fax machine does not, then it is possible that the fax machine is disconnected or is faulty.
  • Check to see if the fax machine has power, then check that the phone cable is connected to correct slot on the fax machine.


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