Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Free fax to email privacy policy

Privacy at the office receiving faxes

Since your faxes are received through your email,  you no longer need to retriueve them ay the fax machine nor do you need ot print them. You can save the fax or forward the fax to someone else’s email.

We do not share your information with anyone

No personal information is shared with third parties.

We do not disclose your name, email or phone number with any party.

Our supplier has a strict privacy policy and your information will be kept strictly confidential.  Only the supplier has access to your faxes, which can only be accessed by Administrators. This means that no-one can view or access your faxes except a few high level administrators  and you.

Please note that whould you no longer use your fax number, you will be emailed warnings to inform you that your number is not being used, and that it will be discontinued after a few months.

We do not charge you for receving faxes

Our profit-sharing arrangement is with the supplier and Telkom – we do not charge you a cent.

Email privacy

Note that with all email accounts, emails are not encrypted. Please ensure that you have a strong password to access your email account and that your server is secure. It is still possible that individuals with advanced technically knowledge (such as hackers) can intercept your emails.

Do not fall victim to phishing scams: never disclose your passwords or PIN numbers by email.

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