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Agents – tax invoices

If you have signed up to become a free fax to email agent, you will need to invoice us to receive payment.

A valid invoice or tax invoice is required to make payment.

Once the required minimum threshold has been reached, we will send the sales agent a report with the number of fax minutes that needs to be charged, as well as the cash amount that we will pay.

The invoice needs to include several information to make it a valid tax invoice.

  • The words “TAX INVOICE” must appear on the document.
  • The invoice must be dated.
  • A clear and accurate description of the service must appear on the invoice.
  • If you are VAT registered, then your VAT numbers must appear on the invoice.
  • If the business your are invoicing is VAT registered, then their VAT number must appear on the invoice.
  • You need to retain a copy of the invoice for your own tax purposes and the words “COPY” may appear on the document.
  • Each invoice must have a unique identifying number, an invoice number. The invoice number may be anything you choose but must be easy to understand and must be serialised. For example, a basic numbering system starting at 1 is the easiest to use (1, 2, 3…) or, a year followed by a number so that you don\’t land up with thousands of invoices going back several years (2013/0001, 2013/0002, 2013/0003…)

The information that you need to invoice us

We will send you all the information that you need to put on your invoice to us

The invoice will need to reflect our business name and our VAT number

The description is “Fax to email services”.

The minute rate that you have been given includes 14% VAT, and it is important that you bill us correctly.

If you are VAT registered

If you are a VAT registered entity, then the invoice will show your minute rate as including VAT at 14%. The VAT must be paid to SARS with your normal VAT payments.

If you are not VAT registered

If you are not VAT registered, then the invoiced amount will be your rate MINUS 14%. You cannot charge VAT since you are not VAT registered and you do not need to pay the 14% to SARS. If you had been VAT registered, you would charge us the 14% and then you would have to pay the VAT to SARS.

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