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Facebook Fax to Email – Free fax service for facebook

Facebook Fax to Email

Facebook fax to email

Q: Where do I sign up for a free fax to email number for Facebook?

A: To sign up for a free fax to email number is easy,  visit the Fax To Email website and complete the form.

Q: How long does it take before I can receive faxes for Facebook?

A: You can receive faxes in your Facebook message box! You can start using the free fax to email service right away. All we need is your name, phone number and Facebook email address, it is that easy.

Step by step on how to sign up to set up your Facebook fax to email

What you need before you start : Your Facebook email address – to receive your faxes. If you do not have a Facebook email, then you will need to “Claim you Facebook email” account.

What is my Facebook email address?

You can view your Facebook email address by going to your “About” tab,and viewing the Contact Information section.


You use the message icon to access your @facebook.com email.

Facebook message

Click the “See all messages” from the drop-down window.

facebook see all messages

To set up a free @facebook.com address, go to your Messages view and click the “Claim your Facebook email” link.

Facebook claim email

If you have already claimed your Facebook email address, this option will not display. You can test your email by sending yourself an email from within Facebook itself.

How to send yourself a Facebook email:

Click the message icon, type in your @facebook.com email in the To: field, type a short message in “message” field. Click the “Send button”.

You will receive your email as a new message.

What you would like to get: Your own personal free fax number!

  1. In the form outlined in red above: type in your full name, phone number and your Facebook email address (@facebook.com)
  2. Click the “Create My number..” button
  1. Done! Look at the area marked in green in the example above, this is where your personal free fax to email number appears.
  2. You will now receive your very first free test fax in your email automatically.

Setting up your Facebook account to receive the 086 emailed faxes

  1. Look for your first fax in your Messages.If you fail to see the fax in your messages, click “other” and look for the email in there.Facebook other
  2. Click the email to view it and click “Action” > “Move to messages”facebook move to messages
  3. All your new faxes will now appear in your message box
  4. Done!

How does fax2email for Facebook work?

The sender faxes his/her document to your free 086 fax to email number
The Fax2Email service converts the fax into a TIFF or PDF email attachment
You receive the fax via your Facebook email account (@facebook.com)
Save, print or forward your faxes from Facebook



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