Free Fax Number

Free fax number

Free fax numbers – why are faxes free?

Free fax numbers, that are used for free fax to emails are free because the sender of a fax pays for the call (as with any other normal phone call).

Free Fax To Email

The recipient of the fax does not pay anything.

086 fax numbers are charged at slightly higher rates than a standard call. The fax rate is set by Telkom and approved by the respective bodies. The sender would therefore pay a slightly higher call rate than a normal phone call, this is called a premium call rate. The premium rate pays for the expensive and complex servers, which gets the fax processed and delieverd to you email address.

Sending faxes from email is also possible using your free fax number

To send a fax from your email is also possible, this is charged and paid for by the sender on a pre-paid basis. Read more about sending faxes by emails.

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